From its inception in 2010, instagram has continued to register impressive growth in the world of social media as recent surveys suggest instagram users to be above 300 million in number. The growing number of users has also come with its sequent challenges, key among them helping usersto know how toincrease their instagram likes.  There are a couple of tips you can follow to get likes on instagram.

How to get likes On Instagram


  • Create A Communication Strategy: Irrespective of whether you consider yourself a brand or not, having a communication strategy is one of the first things todo once you have an instagram account. That’s because a communication strategy gives you an advantage of not only identifying your target audience, but allows you to create content that is appealing to your demographics.
  • Be Consistent In Posting: One mistake that most instagram users do when looking to increase their instagram likes is not posting enough content. Post frequently (at least twice a day) on instagram has a positive effect on your instagram account as it keeps our account active and with time get you more likes and followers. The only thing you need to be careful about is balancing between quantity and quality; as in instagram, quality content pre dominate quantity.


  • Buy Followers: It may be a retrogressive communication strategy for some people, but many individuals including brands have warmed up to the big business idea of buying followers. The appealing thing about buying followers is that you will not have to go through the vigorous organic process of building instagram followers and consequent likes for your contend or product. As a preliminary caution, get to know how buying followers works and its impact on your target audience before trying it.



There are numerous ways to increase you likes on instagram; all you need to do is to be open minded and have a specific goal in mind.