When you are focusing on, electronic cigarette with a customizer, its mandatory for you to know which kind of eLiquid you are about to inhale. However, few years back manufacturers were seen to be negligent aboutincorporating comprehensive data sheets concerning the materials regarding the formulation of the cartridge. But unlike those days, today customers are interested in seeking detailed information and wherever they find satisfactory information, they cling to that manufacturing house. Now this is something really controlling the sales margin of e-liquid. There are few popular names of trusted e-Liquid suppliers. There is an option available for DIY e-Liquid which is found to be one of the cheapest, most inexpensive and flexible solutions as compare to the already prepared e-liquids. However ,it takes little extra effort. Today one can buy eLiquid online as well.

eLiquid Flavors


While concentrating on e-Liquid  without discarding the habit of smelling tobacco, the good news is e-Liquids are available in menthol and tobacco flavor. But those who want to experience something different may go for other flavors as opposed to that tobacco one. There are coffee, fruit and chocolate flavors. When you are buying an e-cig outfitted with a refillable cartridge, there will be provision to modify the flavor using extensive assortment of flavored eLiquid.

eLiquid Throat Hit, Strong or Mild?

The moment the vapor is inhaled, the throat would be experiencing sort of sensation, this sensation is known as Throat hit. Similar to the traditional cigarette, which is available in both strong and mild flavor, the e-cig also comes with strong and mild flavors and when you are habituated, experiencing  the strong ‘hit’ you should better be going with higher nicotine e-Liquid.

e-cig is deemed better than traditional cigarette but if you are developing a tendency to vape high nicotine e-Liquid more than what you used to do with traditional cigarette, it is possible that you will undergo some nicotine overdose side effects. If you really want to enhance your throat hit  you can add few drops of vodka to the customizer.


eLiquid Vapor

Vapor may not be as much as traditional cigarette, but if you want some throat hit and looking for different flavors to inhale, e-cig is the perfect alternative which would certainly work out well. If you want to enjoy e-cig you should be buying the e-liquid from the reliable store. As finding the right e-liquid store is the single most important way to enjoy better vaping experience.