Hoverboards refer to a device much like a levitating board which is mainly used as personal transportation. It was first seen in the movies ‘Back to the Future Part II and Part III’. Appearance wise, hoverboards look so much like skateboards only without wheels. This is one of the reasons why many people want to know about hoverboard prices. Back in 1990s, there was a rumor that says hoverboards are in fact but were not marketed because many deemed the device to be too dangerous.hoverboard pricesFrom the movies ‘Back to the Future’, the hoverboards are very similar to skateboards in appearance but have been converted to hover. They work in the same principle as skateboards in that they need momentum by the rider. Moreover, they usually become useless when in terrains that is not suited to them such as in ice and water, as well as low traction surfaces. Although there have many companies that have tried to levitate the success of the movies by means of marketing hovercraft products as hoverboards, unfortunately the said products did not offer the experience that was depicted in the movies. Consequently, a number of authors in other forms of media have used the idea although not directly related to the films.

The Success of Hoverboards

It is recognized by Guinness World Records as a term that refers to autonomously powered levitators for personal use. Over the past decades, many companies have all attempted to create hoverboard-like products using the hovercraft technology. Unfortunately, none of these products were able to depict the same experience as that of in the movies. Despite all the efforts in order to make hoverboard into reality, it seems like an actual hoverboard is still not yet. On the other hand, some people claims that the new Hendo Board is pretty much the world’s real hoverboard that signals the long wait for an actual hoverboard is finally over. Back to years before, it was in the 1950s when Hiller aircraft fashioned the ‘Flying Platform’ designed using similar concept as the hover board.hoverboard pricesThese devices have foot grips, quiet motor and then featuring two wheels. Now, that is where the distinction is quite clear for see, although cool as it is, this device is not hoverboard but an electric mini scooter with two wheels and balances on its own. By definition, hoverboards should hover and two wheeled mini scooter definitely does not. Though the device is cool and can be attributed, somehow to hoverboard, it is unfortunately not a hoverboard.