With the initiation of equipment expertise by various users and the companies, the present development rate of the technology has to be improved. Years ago for telecommunication long and lengthy wires are laid across the places for communication but now all the wires got replaced by the wireless technology. These substitutes have improved the user satisfaction to a whole new level by entertaining rather encouraging the users to adapt to smooth and hassle free communication across the places, with this great improvement everything has turned more digital and more advanced one such example is the Wireless Routers, the trending and the most widely regarded internet facility provided using the routers by the networks is very common in these days.Best Routers 2017There are a plenty of Wireless routers available in the market but what makes each of the different from each other? We are looking at three important factors

1.)    Signal strength,

2.)    Single or multi-band routers,

3.)    Standard of the Network.

Those are the three important facts to consider while looking for a home router. Signal strength defines as the amount of area the signal cover and how strong the connectivity is, around the place and other factors also play a very significant role in its performance. Based on these three important criteria we have looked upon the top wireless routers that are affordable to buy for the home purpose and few listed the best home routers 2017 like top 5 routers based its user reviews and performance specifications. They are:

1.)    Digisol DG-HR3400 Router (Topped because of: Cheap, easy to use & secured router),

2.)    Asus N600 RT N56U Dual Band Router (Topped because of: Compact size, dual band & less radiation),

3.)    Netgear WNR614 N300 (Topped because of: Customer ratings)

4.)    Netgear WGR614 N150 (Cheap & secure)

5.)    Linksys E1200 (User suggestion)Best Routers 2017As we have seen the top wireless routers of this year based on the user suggestions and tech geek reviewer’s choice, you are encouraged to select based upon your choice. It is more likely that better ones might come into the market, there is always better to something, things get better and better day by day. Wireless technology is the present easy way of accessing data through network operators without the use of wired modems. Most of the above-mentioned routers are hack free routers which mean it is less likely to get hacked by external sources and the user needs to secure with high encryption to safeguard.