Nature Box has its own subscription model. It calls it as the Subscription Box. With this, NatureBox now turns into a members-only snack buying service. However, the subscription is very affordable and anyone can afford it, for it will just cost someone a very low $5 every month. The countless NatureBox reviews found in the internet can prove that this subscription is a really good choice.

The $5 that the subscriber will pay will also be automatically credited in the very first snack purchase that one does each month, which means that it is entirely hassle-free. If you don’t feel like paying for that very low subscription price, you also don’t have to worry, because you can cancel it any time you want.


Getting the Most Out of NatureBox

With the subscription, you have the freedom to buy as many healthy snacks you want to have each month. However, one should remember that the $5 is only for gaining access to purchase the NatureBox snacks sold. But if you don’t use or spend the $5 for that month, it will pileup on the next new month, and so on.

And if ever you have a subscription plan that recurs, the deliveries will also still continue in the long run. It will also enable one to gain free membership on the new Club, allowing individuals to purchase more snack varieties. Unfortunately, NatureBox does not anymore accommodate new subscriptions as it will only welcome the new NatureBox Club membership, which is the newer model of its subscription system.

Final Thoughts on NatureBox Subscription

The cost for this new kind of membership is still the same, $5 per month. This also follows the same mechanics of the previous subscription whereby it gives the subscriber the privilege to buy snacks. And if he or she will not use the $5, it will roll over to the next month, and to the months after it. With all of these being said, everyone is left with no reason not to subscribe to NatureBox. Subscribe now, and enjoy the healthy and tasty snacks that will knock on your door.