No matter which way we look at it, the biggest factor in choosing a gaming monitor would be your budget. Of course you need to take into account the features if a gaming monitor, but what good is a gaming monitor of you see that the price is way out of your budget? In reality, Most gamers prefer these types of monitors, but these are a bit costly as compared to general computer monitors. So what would fit your price range?dominations-main-930x684

Budget: $1,000

Well at this price range you’d get the 1440p UltraWide 100 Hz gaming monitor, namely the Predator X34P; it also has G-SYNC support. Offering amazing gaming display, you’ll have access to high quality 4K monitor and IPS display. But those that prioritize the refresh rate should look at monitors with lower resolutions.

Budget: $600

Amazing monitors can still be available for budgets less than a thousand dollars, not only is the selection quite varied but they are also extremely competitive. A great candidate would be the LG 27UD68-P 27-Inch. It offers a 4K UHD resolution and IPS display. You can purchase it at Amazon for about $549 with free shipping.images

Budget: $400

Want an amazing monitor but your budget would only hold up to $400? Well it’s still possible to get the perfect monitor for you even at this price range. With 400 dollars you can purchase the Pixio PX277, it features a 1330 p and 144Hz monitor. Out of all the gaming monitors available at $400 this would be the best one. It can also support AMD FreeSync technology, say good bye to screen tearing.

Budget: $200

For those that want to own an incredible gaming monitor at $200, you might want to save up an additional $50 in order to avail the Acer G257HU. It has 1440p display and 144Hz, of course there are gaming monitors available at $200 if you want to take your chances.