One of the major complaints of many Facebook users managing numerous Facebook pages is the difficulty of updating their Facebook pages from tablet or Smartphone. Facebook app is usually glitchy and clunky making it hard to keep the pages up to date when not on a desktop computer. The good thing is that Facebook has released a better solution with its most exclusive Facebook Pages Manager app. This app makes lots of social media managers happy.

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The Facebook Pages Manager is an app which helps the administrators quickly and efficiently manage their Facebook pages from their iPad or iPhone. This app is available in Apple app store for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPod and more. To get started, users just need to install this application for free and then log in to their Facebook account. Upon logging in, they will see all the pages that are being managed.facebook_pages_manager_leaked

The Facebook Pages Manager is the key to maintaining multiple business pages ultimately simple. The admins can freely choose from the list of pages and then proceed with posting comments, photos, and updates. This is a useful and beneficial tool that performs series of essential functions like providing more space for creating posts, allowing the administrator to manage all pages in a single application, notifying admins of the newest activities on their page, enabling users to see the administrators on every page and more.

The Facebook Pages Manager has indeed many great features that impress. Individuals managing multiple accounts will surely appreciate and take full advantage of this incredible app launched by one of the most popular social media sites; Facebook. More and more individuals are expected to use this app in managing all their accounts. Unlike other app, Facebook users and administrators will surely find this app excellently designed.