Singapore is a destination that’s worth visiting and if you have not visited any Malaysian cities yet that it is a good idea starting from Singapore because this is the central place of Malaysia and it is very well connected with the airport and various other means of transport. While you can always choose to stay in Singapore and even book your flights from this city there’s no harm in exploring the smaller cities around Singapore while you are here. mets_rs_1702_pg3aThe entire point of a vacation is so that you get to explore some other beautiful places that you can boast about. While there’s no harm doing what the tourists do in Singapore it’s always better to create your own path and try exploring something new. If you are keen on doing something that not a lot of tourists do these days then you should take the train to jb sentral from Singapore.20120906 - Johor Bahru & CIQ. Photo by CJSThere is a lot that Singapore has to offer but you have to understand that because of the number of tourists that visit Singapore this city is extremely commercialized. If you want to get the true essence of Malaysia and you want to experience the cultural heritage that this country has to offer you need to visit the smaller city. Johor Bahru is a classic example of a beautiful city that you will enjoy visiting because the amount of tourists have increased drastically and there are people who will understand your language and ensure that you do not feel left out here. There are beautiful places in Johor Bahru that you can check out and instead of planning a one day trip to Johor Bahru try and stay here for a few days because this will not only help you to get a true sense of this beautiful place but you will also get to check out some other places in detail.