Since you already decided to invest in an excellent inversion table, then why not invest in one of the top rated inversion tables available in the market? If you have an idea of how inversion tables are used, then you know for a fact that you need a durable and safe one; going to the cheapest option might cause more bad than good in this situation. It’s not like you’re only going to use it for a couple of days, it’s an investment on its own. ConfidenceProInversionTable

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960

Teeter Hangs Ups EP-960 is the well improved version if the EP-950, what they did is retain the best features from the earlier model and added tons of upgrades. Now, the EP-960 is of their most customizable product that they offer; it’s even the most customizable one available in the market. You can be certain of the quality since it was manufactured by the leading inversion table company. Tons of customers have vouched for the quality of the

When design is concerned, the frame has been updated from the previous model and is made from gauge steel. The inversion table itself weighs about 75.5 pounds when completely assembled. A Comfort Trak is added, it consists of two pieces that can be folded together. Based on numerous other reviews, it is the most comfortable bed in the entire industry.

The EP-960 flexes in time with the user, thus enhancing the entire inversion experience; by doing so the pressure on the back is considerably lessened even when not inverted to the full extent. A new feature is the Stretch Max handle, assists the user from inversion to going back to their original position. It also helps with numerous other stretching exercises, leading to a better decompressed spine.