Before we get right into it, keep in mind that the Wushu dance and the Dragon dance are two entirely different cultural dances; you can read all about it at They present their own styles and benefits, but we’ll focus on the Wushu Dance. A_Team-Amy_Li-YDX_1637By now, you should know that that the Wushu martial arts are incredibly popular in China; it also originated in China, thus a big factor of why it’s so popular. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn it.Anne-1

  1. Provides Physical Strength – well it is after all a kind of exercise because of the techniques and routine. The positions involved greatly improve the leg and muscle strength because you will be required to hold numerous positions at extended period of time. All the while, the training helps enhance stabilization of the muscle. The styles that make use of varying weapons serve as a workout with weights; these routines will build the arm and back strength. So if you perform them on a regular basis, it will tone the body.
  2. Better Flexibility – a person’s flexibility will greatly improve with Wushu routines compared to all the other martial arts out there. Some of the body parts that will be stretched during the routine include arms, chest, hamstrings, back, hip, calf and shoulders; even the wrists and arms are given quite the stretch. Age and genetics will affect the flexibility of one person to the other, but those that take up Wushu classes have better flexibility in the long run.
  3. Enhances Balance – Wushu routines can improve your balance considerably, some styles will requires you to stand on a single leg. Other than that, you’ll find your center as you go from one movement to the next. Every stance will not only improve your balance but also your overall well-being.