Bags are one of the most important materials which you could invest in, especially when you have to carry several things at once from place to place. Even if it’s just a few trips to the office or school, or whether you’re travelling from one country to another, you would always have to make use of a bag or two. If you’re from the Netherlands, katoenen tas bedrukken is a familiar concept to you, as it allows you to impart style onto otherwise plain and boring tote bags. So much for style, tote bags are known for the great advantages associated with their use, with some of these being the following:

Environmentally Friendly


Tote bags are actually now being marketed by shopping malls as substitutes for big plastic bags. Having said that, a lot of shopping malls give incentives to customers who make use of these cotton tote bags instead of letting them pack up smaller goods in larger bags. This is envisioned to help reduce the negative environmental impact of plastic bags, as well as the over-all quantity of waste that gets thrown in dumpsters, given that these tote bags could be reused and washed the moment they get soiled.

Affordable and Strong

The good thing about tote bags is that they really don’t cost that much at all, yet most are strong enough in order to carry the weight of quite a lot of things. A lot of tote bags made of cotton may seem frail on the outside, but are actually able to carry even as much as 10 kilograms worth of items.

Simple yet Stylish

The good thing about katoenentasbedrukken is that while it remains simple, is one which is indeed, very stylish as you have the freedom to choose whatever prints it is you would want.