In today’s world, users demand for an open and communicative platform where they can have the right to voice their say, thus giving rise to the new trend of website designing. With the advent of new CMS (Content management System), designing a website has become a more comfortable and easier task for professionals. You will find all these features in best wordpress themes as well.


Advanced Category Excluder: In designing a website in WordPress, there are variety of challenges and needs that a designer has to execute properly. With help of the plugin Advanced Category Excluder, you get to enjoy having full control over your design elements i.e. include or exclude some category from specific places at your wish.

WordPress Theme Demo Plugin: As the name suggests, this plugin is a designer’s best help if he wants to display a demo of his design theme to viewers. What’s more, installing this WordPress plugin allows you to upload more than one theme on a demo blog for viewers to check out.

Theme Switch: The name of this plugin sounds interesting right? Not only its name, the functionality of this plugin is equally interesting and exciting. This is when the plugin ‘Theme Switch’ can help you tremendously. It allows you to enjoy complete control on the design theme, i.e. you can decide on one theme to be shown to regular visitors while users with special benefits will get to see a different one.

User Switching: Many a times, designers need to log in and out with different user names in order to test the proper functioning of a WordPress theme. This is no doubt a tedious and painful work for a designer.

If you want a professional WordPress theme developed, there are many website design companies that can help you with suitable solutions. Depend on a reputed website design company and make your website more appealing, enticing and admirable to viewers.