Almost all people can attest to the fact that all polygraphs are reliable. This is because it has the capability to know the truth from a person. The chances of it telling a lie are also minimal, making it the best option if you were instead to trust a human witness. It is because of this that poligrafo are now widely used in most Spanish cities such as Malaga, Zaragoza, and Marbella.

How it Works detektor

Perhaps you might ask yourself how polygraphs work. Well, its process is just really simple. All polygraphs follow a generally similar procedure. Polygraphs work by checking out the vital signs of one’s body that is being tested for the truth. The person’s vital signs such as his blood pressure, heart beat, sweat, eye movement, and more are checked. When there are high spikes in the rate of activity of each of these vital signs, then there is a strong tendency that the person is telling a lie.Barton1

Widely Used

These polygraphs are widely used because these are the most efficient way to know the truth from someone. It is the best option to use because this doesn’t involve any outside factors that can manipulate the findings of the machine. It just heavily relies on the vital signs that are observed from a person.

However, the interpreter or the person that analyzes or interprets the findings should also be reliable, in a sense, that he or she knows what he or she is doing. A polygraph test would be useless if the person that handles the test doesn’t know how to properly use it.


With all of these being said, polygraphs are the equipment of choice of most crime investigators and even business owners. These are also used in some business which needs intricate and strict policies. Indeed, polygraphs are a very reliable machine that helps give justice to the world.