Wire piercing connectors are the one used when you need electricity and want to transfer from one room to another. Clumps and pigtail are used at the end of the connectors. You can just connect two or more wires and insert the ends into the connectors which are insulated. However there are many types of connectors in the market and they are from international company or national. Are your lugs or connectors are certified or not?  It must be certified because if you are not putting non certified plugs and connectors than you will put your home and property in risk. Connectors are the one that is compared with the world because standard connectors are same everywhere. M_800X800

Always buy the product that has no complaint product like connectors must be test certified because it is the first security of our house and office. Piercing connectors are the one that is used to make permanent and safe connection. You have to put limited connectors because if you placed more connectors than there can be short circuit. Main reason of piercing connector is their quality and this is manufactured by aluminum or platinum. These types of products have to be water proof and it must be far away from water. The best connector always provides protection from rust.001_RJAU_800X800

However you can use LV ABC Accessories which is best ever and they are certified from international level and this will provide you proper security that is the basic need of clumps and connectors to wires. However if good plastic and proper locks are used to make piercing connectors than you can have more safety and this will give you long lasting performance when once you fit it. It is basically used in transforming electricity from one wire to another by using piercing connectors.