The scientific knowledge is not only available as the source of theory for the scientists and doctors, as people around the world can learn about their DNA and ancestral quality with the help of source of knowledge available over the internet and determine the exact changes their body needs to go through and can change it in a better way. Genomics Industry is one such industry that works with ethics of typical words as Chromosomes, Phenotype, Mutation and other DNA supportive words and helps you to increase speed and accuracy on the basis of blueprints available as secrets of DNA and genetics.

How the Industry works


First of all the customer applying for the Genomics services will be tested for the DNA test and the reading will be recorded with the number of Chromosomes, Phenotypes, amino acids and other components. On the basis of available information from the tests, fitness genomics starts its work by finding the right exercise and set of other health based regimes for different individuals. The technical team of the Genomics Industry follows the art to develop genetic market maps and determines every individual’s inborn abilities and liking.

Genomics Industry and individual transformations

On the basis of the study of chromosomes, Phenotypes and SNP Testing; the industry helps you better to know your power or we can say the fields in which you can perform better. For example, some of the individuals are better in sprint then heavy weight lifting and the other is better educationist with a lean body. Working in the right direction by knowing genetic type and differences is all Genomics Industry is all about.

Gradually the Genomics Industry is expanding its way to International market, although very few of people around the world know about the industry and its work ethics.