This is a question that is echoed by many people. What makes is Eco Slim drops so unique? What sets it apart from similar products?

Eco Slim drops is the latest innovative dietary breakthrough that has so far been seen. It has been specially formulated to improve your mood, maintain your weight and your general well-being.

Furthermore, Eco Slim drops contains strictly natural ingredients primarily composed of solutions of nitroglycerine and plant extract. This makes it safe and healthy for your consumption.

No health complications can occur when using Eco Slim unless the consumer is allergic to certain variety of plant extract. In which case, all ingredients are clearly indicated on the box so chances of accidental consumption are reduced.

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The plant extracts contain special nutrients or compounds which serve a unique purpose,They are

Carninite– Encourages the digestion of fat

Chitosan- Coagulates fat which is then excreted upon digestion

Guarana extract-Extracted from the guarana plant acts as a mild stimulant and increases the metabolism rate of fat while reduces appetite

Kelp Extract-Helps balance hormonal inconsistencies by sudden brought about by sudden changes inweight; it is also very rich in iodine.

Extract of the Indian nettle plant– Provides a contact source of energy by steadily increasing the amount of fat as it is being used up which then gets rid of excess body fat.

Caffeine and Succinic acid– Actively involved in the detoxing and healing process.

Taurine– Aids in the metabolic process and burning of fat

Vitamin B2– Maintains hormonal balance in the body

Vitamin B5- Break down Fats and Carbohydrates

Vitamin B6– Controls and stabilizes metabolic processes, improves the appearance of hair, skin and nails

Vitamin B8-Controls the functioning of the digestive tract and lowers Cholesterol levels

Vitamin B12– Triggers the absorption of nutrients

It is clear that all these naturally acquires compounds work with your body; while you lose weight, it supplies much needed nutrients so that the body is not depleted.

That is what makes Eco Slim stand out!