Women believe it’s really important for them to gain weight when pregnant; however there are also a few women who lose weight during pregnancy and still have a healthy pregnancy. There are also a few who gain a lot of weight but do not have a healthy pregnancy and either which way you need to make sure that in order for your pregnancy to be healthy you check the cân nặng chuẩn của thai nhi on a regular basis.


While you might put on weight during pregnancy your baby might not grow and it is through the ultrasound and fetus weight check that you will be able to determine whether or not your baby is growing healthy or not. If you end up putting on too much weight during your pregnancy then there’s a strong chance that your blood pressure levels will shoot up and you will fall ill during the course. Heavy bleeding due to high pressure can prove fatal during pregnancy.

Women are usually very anxious when it comes to carrying their child in their womb for nine months. This is a very critical phase and the extra care from your end towards the child is crucial. One of the things that you should start doing is go for a walk on a daily basis.

Ideally you would want to walk for 30 minutes however if you do not have the time, you can take three or four short walks throughout the day and this will help you blood circulation in the body. This is extremely healthy for the child. Once you start doing this, you can take it to the next level by eating healthy and nutrient rich foods on a daily basis. This will give your baby the nutrition that it needs.