As the saying goes, ‘age is just a number’ or ‘it’s never too late to start’ senior citizens can start doing exercises that can develop or improve body strength. It’s a common misconception that senior citizens should only play sports like togel Singapore, sit back, relax and do absolutely nothing; habits like this even at a young age can add to the body’s deteriorating strength. Although extreme sports are not really that advisable, there are other sports that they can try out. papa siza kecil

Aerobic Endurance

Exercises and activities that get your heart going help enhance aerobic endurance. They’ll be able to see significant changes and improvement even just after six weeks of regular exercise. The most common benefits are increased comfort and energy as they go exercise or go through their daily activities. Seniors that are planning to start should pick the low-impact exercises like swimming walking, cycling or water aerobics. But they can also try out dances like the line dance, square dance or ballroom dance.78d5db30d3bff9aee89b2c9833774f2d


Even the slightest increase in strength or meagre muscle improvement can do wonders in their lives. Strength is crucial in our day to day activities; you may not notice it but we use our strength in climbing up and going down the stairs, carrying bags from the grocery store and even simply getting up from a chair. Seniors are highly encouraged to exercise at least twice a week.  They can use 1 or 2 pound dumbbells on various weightlifting exercises for beginners. Common exercises include bicep curls, chest presses and triceps extensions; exercises should have about 10 to 15 repetitions in order to make an impact. If they’re not up for dumbbells, there are exercises that use your own body weight in providing resistance; lunges, squats, modified push ups will do as long as the number of repetitions is followed.