What is a tactical Backpack?

Tactical backpacks are the bags often used by soldiers and some members of special units in the police forces. A tactical backpack is very much unlike any other kind of bag. They are used mostly by security forces as these bags can withstand extreme conditions. 51Yr95jzOtL

Other bags include hunting backpacks used for camping and outdoor activities. Similarly, they are designed with this purpose in mind.

Tactical backpacks are not only long lasting and strong but comfortable; seeing as they are carried for extended periods of time. They can also withstand large temperature fluctuations and do not absorb water.

What special Features do Tactical Backpacks have?Tactical-backpack-wholesale-tactical-backpack-02


  • Slip-through compartment allows for easy access of water thanks to the hydration sleeve which is built in the design
  • Internal sleeves which keeps laptops and other electronics safe
  • Kodra 500D nylon fabric and polyurethane coating which ensures water resistance, durability and reliability.
  • Internal pockets for easy organization and convenience
  • Large Zippers allowing easy opening with or without gloves
  • Front access pouch for storing items such as fishing lures and first aid kit without the need to open the bag.

What are some of the other brands of tactical backpacks?

In the sog assortment of tactical backpacks, the following are just examples of what is in the market

  • Seraphim 35
  • Prophet 33
  • Scout 24
  • Toc 20
  • Evac Sling 18
  • Ranger 12

All the above are tactical brands that are of a certain price range. The difference perhaps lies in the size and the number of compartments. You can be rest assured that the price does not compromise on quality.

Where can one get tactical backpacks?

Tactical backpacks were initially meant for special forces but have in many places been made available to civilians as well. Tactical backpacks are readily available in many retail stores that carry backpacks. Many people have found themselves drawn to tactical backpacks due to their technical design and numerous compartments.