One of the things you tend to associate when it comes to celebrities is most definitely going to be wealth. Having said that, a lot of the stars you see on screen, as well as some key personnel who work behind the scene who either come up with creative ideas, or put the actor or actress on screen to begin with. has the list of the most famous of these people, and one of the most popular celebrities who work behind the scenes that they feature is Ted Turner. Hrithik-Roshan-full-HD-Wallpaper-2560px1600p-1024x640

Ted Turner’s Life

With a massive net worth of $2.2 Billion, it does not come as a surprise at all that Ted Turner belongs to the list given by the site. While he’s not really an actor, nor did he rise to fame and fortune through acting, he has found wealth primarily as a businessman, doing business for multimedia. The Ohio-based businessman and media-mogul is the brainchild and owner of TV Networks TBS, TNT, and CNN, each of which, has greatly contributed to his net worth. Apart from these networks, he is also the brilliant mind behind the popular channel for cartoons, Cartoon Network, a staple network in places with kids.Justin-Bieber-is-highest-earner-under-30

Apart from owning various networks on TV, he is also the owner of Ted’s Montana Grill eateries, which is a restaurant which consists of 46 eateries across 16 States in the US. This could all be attributed to the fact that the studied economics at Brown University, despite not having finished there. This somehow paved the way for him to work as the Chief Executive of his dad’s company, the Turner Advertising Company, which was basically his first step towards him achieving the fortune that he proudly and shares through charities nowadays.