The Honey badger is an unknown animal which is found in the southern parts of South Africa, parts of India and also in the Middle East. It belongs to the Mellivora Capensis species and looks very similar to the skunk. In fact, it just doesn’t look familiar but just like the skunk gives out a very foul smell from the back of its tail.



  • You can understand by the name that they are kind of after the sweet stuff and they can dig holes very fast with the help of their claws. They can dig themselves a burrow to live in regularly and sometimes they can even dig one in a matter of minutes to hide. They can use their supremely tracking abilities to look for preys underground.
  • Even though they can dig a hole very fast when needed, most of the times honey badgers act really lazy and don’t dig themselves a burrow, instead they can live in a burrow used by other animals too.
  • These creatures are very adaptive and even though they are generally active during the day, to avoid humans they can also turn nocturnal. They can adapt themselves to any kind of change. They eat anything and are the complete omnivores.

  • They have the Guinness World Record of being the ‘Most Fearless Creature’. They are always ready to pick up a fight, even with a lion or a python and even humans are its foes.
  • They have a very thick and rubbery skin which helps them against their mortal enemy, the snake. When they face off against black mambas, their thick skin protects them from the bite of the black mamba and their loose and thick skin even helps them to wriggle through the jaws of other animals. They have even built immunity against the venom of snakebite and can sleep it off.