Relationships are a lot more intricate than we imagine it to be, it is usually a topsy-turvy of emotions, and when there’s a breakup – no matter how hard it is to admit – there is always a void that we tend to want to fill almost immediately, either with the same person or a totally different person entirely.  However, this is how to get your ex girlfriend back in six simple steps.


  • Reconnect with a text – this should be a thoughtful text after a while of silence. You may want to ask her. “How do you feel?” “Are you still upset?” “Are you the having the usual classes?” “Do you want to talk?” “Are you ok?” just anything to stop her in the middle of her activities and get her attention. Be concise and be polite.
  • Take it slow – Never rush a girl who you just broke up with. Slow down in winning back her heart, it can’t happen like magic. Text her once in a while, it could slowly pivot her mind back to you without her feeling like she’s been over-persuaded.
  • Call her – it’s finally time to let her hear your voice, apologize, it might induce something in her, but even if it doesn’t, just speak to her and perhaps she could discern sincerity in your voice.

  • Ask her out – Use that opportunity to invite her for a very casual outing, perhaps a visit to the museum or to see a football match, then move to the next step.
  • Tell her you miss her – say it and try to ascertain if she feels the same.
  • Play romantic – send her sweet messages, a flower and a little gift, by now, she knows you’re all out for her again, there will be higher chances of her having a rethink.