Some people naturally enjoy staying at home for whatever reasons, while for some others the case is the exact opposite, yes, I know you’re out there. You are not such a hole-loving mole for the following reasons; your house is being shared by an obnoxious roommate, or you’ve got a house full of noisy kids and most times your hunger for a getaway, you need a spot you could relax, see a movie and have the real feel of a quiet home, surely, playing DVDs, CDs or downloading or watch movies online are not the thing for you, you need to go to the cinema.

Here are the real reasons why you are not an online movie person anyways:

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  • You like to getaway.
  • Online movies sometimes suffer a compromised quality, some of them have been compressed for faster downloads or for compatibility with many devices, thereby making the picture and sound quality quite poor. This makes the cinema movies quite superior to it.
  • You like to grab it hot – the great new movies first hit the cinemas before it trickles down to all other media. You like to skip the traffic, pun intended!

  • You have no patience for sluggishness – you get back home and you are on the sofa or bed wanting to watch a movie quite instantly and your movie mood is thrown into the abyss by a crawling download due to a poor internet connection and the buffering is endless, so you wait on it till you fall asleep and there ends the movie watching! In some countries, you’d have to battle with power outage. You’ve got to either be cut out for all of these or just head straight to a cinema to enjoy your movies without hassles because online movies are a total no-no for your persona.