Do you wish to make a pizza ngon at home? If yes then you are going to need the Biaggia pizza oven which is professionally designed to fit the countertop of office or home kitchen. The oven is available in stainless steel material. The inner case, however, is made from aluminum steel to provide protection against corrosion. It weighs 19 pounds.

It consists of dual heating elements at the top and bottom which let you perfectly bake the pizza in 15 minutes or even less. It has an automatic shut off timer too at the front panel which is easy to set. The crumb tray inside is removable and it is easy to clean. The plastic grill handle is there to offer safe handling. The design of the oven is such that you can leave it at the kitchen counter after using.


The oven is pre-configured at the temperature setting of 450 degree Celsius and you cannot adjust that. The dial time operates at 15 minutes only. Other than the crumb tray, it is easy to remove the baking grill as well. You can also use a baking pan that fits into the oven.

As pizza is a non-greasy food, this oven is best to bake a pizza in it. Other items that can be baked well in the oven include chicken fingers, pretzels, fish sticks, egg rolls and quesadillas. In case you are wondering if it can bake your pizza well then take a sigh of relief because it works really well. It can produce better results than a conventional oven. Other than baking, it is also good for conventional heating, toasting food, or roasting.

Next time you want to make a delicious pizza at home, then make sure you have Biaggia pizza oven available. It will make your job easier and you will have a pizza baked soon.