How can you recognize what kind of auto insurance you need? Does your state require it? Are there methods to save cash and still have the proper coverage amount? Do you know how to find the cheapest auto insurance Toronto? To help you answer these questions, here are some types of auto insurance:

Liability Insurance

This type will cover you on the occasion where you are in a vehicular accident and it is identified that the accident is the result of your actions. This insurance would cover the repair cost of any property damaged by the accident. It also covers the cost of the medical bills if ever there is a person injured. Almost every state has a minimum requirement for the liability insurance coverage amount that vehicle owners should have.

Collision Coverage

This coverage would pay for the repairs to the vehicle if there is a covered accident. Collision coverage would pay the value of your vehicle if your vehicle is totaled (this means that the cost to repair your vehicle surpasses its value).

Comprehensive Coverage

What would you do if something occurs to your vehicle that is not related to a covered accident – stolen vehicle, animal collision, weather damage? Would the insurance company cover the cost? Collision coverage and liability insurance cover accidents. However, these do not cover those circumstances. These events are covered by the comprehensive coverage.

Personal Injury Protection

Though comprehensive coverage might be a thing you do not need to buy, this insurance is something you must have. The costs related from the accident could add up quickly. Your medical bills together with those of your passengers would be paid with the help of this coverage, no matter whose fault of the accident. Keep in mind that this coverage isn’t available in every state.